Our Approach

Though there has been an increasing awareness about Organic foods over the past few years, it has not really reached the consumer due to a variety of reasons. The lack of availability and high price has put Organic foods beyond the reach of the consumer. In order to bridge the gap in prices between organic groceries and the conventional ones available in supermarkets, Dhanyam approach has been to work towards building a relationship directly with the farmers, cutting out the middlemen and thus offering Organic Foods at almost the same rates as the conventional food available in supermarkets. Also in order to enable consumers to convert to an organic life style, at Dhanyam, Rice (the staple food in south india) is offered without any profit to the organization. Thus 100% organic certified rice is being offered to consumers at almost the same rate as conventional rice available in supermarkets. This is only the beginning; we will introduce many more offers in future, to help people adopt organic life style without any hesitation.