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Organic grapes

Plump and juicy, crispy and scrumptious – your favourite organic Grapes are back in Dhanyam! Call now to book your box full of Yummmmmmm! T. nagar – 044 28157654 Anna nagar – 044 26201030 Address: AC 128, 4TH AVE, SHANTI … Continue reading

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Revolutions are made with Rosewater :)

Humans’ love affair with roses — for beauty and for health purposes — has a long history. Rose water has made its way into cosmetics and medicine for many centuries. Today, beauty experts still consider rose water a wonderfully gentle, … Continue reading

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Safe Food Mela, chennai at Semmozhi Poonga a grand success

The Safe Food Mela orgnaised by the SAFE FOOD ALLIANCE was a grand success. This mela conducted at Semmozhi Poonga, Chennai, aimed at creating awareness about toxic agricultural inputs and exhorting urbanconsumers to shift towards organic food consumption. Many non-govermental … Continue reading

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Red, green and purple – Snack on them the whole week!

Guess what is the latest entry to Dhanyam this March? Grapes! Delicious and juicy organic grapes – What else you need to snack on, especially when summer is here already? Needless to say Vineyards are generally sprayed by multiple pesticides … Continue reading

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Asked upon where does potato come from, “why from pringles ofcourse” came the curt reply from my 6-year-old cousin. I am wondering now how many fruits and grains and nuts and what not I have eaten without even knowing how … Continue reading

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The queen of oils

This has found its place in a mantra and so needless to say how important it is! Open sesame! we are talking about our own sesame (ellu in tamil, till in hindi) – the seed that flavors Indian cuisine. In … Continue reading

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Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair

We don’t know if she really did, but the hair is letting down so many . If there is something that concerns everyone in the world, that is most probably the hair! Hair fall and dandruff has made many pass … Continue reading

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Who said olive oil is not for indian cooking

Olive Oyl is not just Popeye’s favourite, it’s indian cooking’s favourite too now . Yes, olive oil is perfect for Indian cuisine. It’s advised to use Extra Virgin for flavourings, dressings, condiments or for integrating foods, like making cold sauces, … Continue reading

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Raw One

Carrots – raw or cooked? Cucumber – raw or cooked? Lettuce – raw or cooked? Which do you prefer? Pasta? Raw might be your answer. Of course, pasta cannot be eaten raw . Well most would agree that anything in … Continue reading

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But what good is salt

But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor? No more worry anymore – Rock salt is here with all its flavor. Himalayan rock salt has about 84 of the 92 trace minerals known to man, and no … Continue reading

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