The queen of oils

This has found its place in a mantra and so needless to say how important it is!

Open sesame!



we are talking about our own sesame (ellu in tamil, till in hindi) – the seed that flavors Indian cuisine. In olden days when the fashionable sunflower oil or olive oil was little known, sesame oil and coconut oil where the oils primarily used for South Indian cooking. Why even today, cold pressed sesame oil remains the most preferred oil among many south Indians. Interestingly, in Tamil sesame oil is called “nallennai” which means “the good oil”. Nothing beats the combination of idli podi and sesame oil. Sesame seeds are also roasted and consumed – mixed with jaggery and shaped into little spheres, it makes the perfect “ellu urundai”. I do not know if the flower has any significance, except in one old Tamil song, where the heroine’s nose is compared to the beauty of sesame flower. :)

Studies show that sesame seed oil is a powerful antioxidant. In the tissues below the skin, it neutralizes oxygen free radicals. It penetrates into the skin quickly and enters the blood stream through capillaries. This helps maintain good cholesterol and a lower bad cholesterol.

Sesame oil is also known to reduce body heat upon external application – it is still a custom to take sesame oil bath once a week.

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