Safe Food Mela, chennai at Semmozhi Poonga a grand success

The Safe Food Mela orgnaised by the SAFE FOOD ALLIANCE was a grand success.

This mela conducted at Semmozhi Poonga, Chennai, aimed at creating awareness about toxic agricultural inputs and exhorting urbanconsumers to shift towards organic food consumption. Many non-govermental organisations and organic enterprises in the city joinedhands in this effort. Personalities from the film-world, musicians, writers and intellectuals partipated with huge enthusiasm.

The Safe Food Mela is part of a nation-wide campaign called INDIA FOR SAFE FOOD, which seeks to promote ecological farming as awin-win solution for farmers and consumers when it comes to toxic technologies like synthetic pesticides and GMOs in our foodproduction. India continues to use many pesticides that have been banned in other countries and many of these are known to becarcinogenic, endocrine-disrupting or reproductive-toxicants. Many studies including in the public sector laboratories, show ourfood, water and soil are contaminated with pesticides.

On the other hand, there is also much evidence to show that farming is indeed viable and possible without the use of chemicalpesticides. Millions of organic farmers and farmers who have adopted Non-pesticidal management of crops are showcasing this. It isin this context that India For Safe Food is demanding a policy shift away from chemical-intensive farming.

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