A cartload of organic veggies @ Dhanyam Anna nagar!

A cart load of fresh organic veggies and fruits! @ Anna nagar DHANYAM! As well as in t nagar! Call 044 26201030 Anna nagar. T. Nagar: 044 28157654.

A list of available organic vegetables at Dhanyam:
Yam, carrots, beetroot, brinjal, pumpkin, onion, snake gourd, bottle gourd, turnip, beans, bhindi, tomatoes, greens (mint, coriander, palak, methi, senkeerai, manaththakkali, agaththikeerai, vallarai, karisalangkanni, ponnagkanni, pulichchaikeerai, murungai keerai, etc), potatoes, baby corn, cauliflower, capsicum, radish, lettuce, chow chow, cabbage, papaya, pineapple, banana (hill, karpooram, poovan, rasthali), passion fruits, sweet lime, guavas, seasonal fruits (apples, mangoes, pineapple, plums, avocados etc) and much more!

We also door deliver. For more info, please call 044-28157654 T. nagar / 044 26201030 Anna nagar.

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