Who said olive oil is not for indian cooking

Olive Oyl is not just Popeye’s favourite, it’s indian cooking’s favourite too now :) . Yes, olive oil is perfect for Indian cuisine.


It’s advised to use Extra Virgin for flavourings, dressings, condiments or for integrating foods, like making cold sauces, crushing ingredients and preparing carpaccio or marinated dishes.

Olive Pomace Oil is the cooking grade oil and can be used for all methods, types and varieties of Indian cooking; it neither changes the taste nor presents any difficulties while cooking. Indian cuisine, whether fried, roasted, ‘bhunoed’ or cooked by any other method, tastes as good with Olive Pomace Oil as with Sunflower, Safflower, Corn or any other oil.

The benefits: It is especially apparent when frying at between 130 and 190 C, when olive oil forms a crisp, golden crust making the fried food much more appetizing but without affecting its nutritional value. The oil hardly penetrates the food, leaving it light and digestible. Olive oil does not break down before the temperature reaches 190*C! So, it may be re-used 3-4 times, as long as it is filtered carefully after each use through gauze, muslin or a suitable paper filter.

Where to buy Olive Pomace oil in chennai: Dhanyam organic super store offers Olive pomace oil and other cooking oils (100% organic). For more information please call 044-28157654.

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