Eucalyptus Essential Oil

You cannot have missed this tree on the way to any hill station, or by the side of roads to anywhere!
It’s the Eucalyptus Tree which provides a vast range of health benefits, especially with respiratory issues.

Eucalyptus oil uses:
Arthritis, Asthma, Back Pain, Burns, Cold & Flu, Congestion, Coughs, Diarrhoea, Disinfectant, Ear Inflammation, Fevers, Herpes, Measles, Migraines, Pneumonia, Stomach Aches, Tennis Elbow, Tuberculosis.

Where to get pure eucalyptus oil in chennai?
Pure eucalyptus oil is available in Dhanyam organic superstore.

Anna nagar address: Ac 128, 4th avenue, shanthi colony (opp. shri mithai), Anna Nagar. Phone: 044-26201030
T. Nagar address: No. 24, north boag road, T. nagar, Chennai ? 17. Phone:? 044-28157654

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