Red, green and purple – Snack on them the whole week!

Guess what is the latest entry to Dhanyam this March?


Delicious and juicy organic grapes – What else you need to snack on, especially when summer is here already?

Needless to say Vineyards are generally sprayed by multiple pesticides and no matter how much you wash them, the contaminants have already penetrated the fruits thin skins. It is a true relief that atleast a small section of grape farmers have taken up organic farming in the south.

Natural farming helps maintain the nutrient balance in the soil, the result – healthy plants that yeild delicious and vitamin rich fruits. So with the first harvest, we are celebrating our green grape week – visit us today to grab your boxfull of the divine fruit!

Call 044-28157654 or visit us at Dhanyam organic superstore, no.24 north boag road, T.nagar, chennai.

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