Jolly Holi with natural colours

If you are looking for ways to protect your skin from the coloured chemicals this holi season, here are some tips for you.

How to make your own colours from natural sources:

Mehendi for Green

You can get lovely shades of green by mixing henna (mehendi) powder with rice flour or any light coloured flour.

Dry and finely powder curry leaves (karuveppillai) to have a darker shade. You can also mix a bit of red chilli powder to add little more spice to it ( okay, don?t ever try that!J)For wet colour, you can mix the paste of henna/palak/coriander/mint with water.

Turmeric for Yellow

Mix turmeric powder (haldi) with besan flour to get amaxing shades of yellow. You can also mix turmeric powder with rice/wheat flour. Besan flour is the best because it also helps to make the skin shine.

Any yellow coloured flowers? petals can also be dried and powdered and mixed with flour go get yellow powder.

Hibiscus for Red

Dry the red hibiscus flowers in shade and powder to get a lovely red shade. You can also use red rose petals to get varying shades. Kumkum is another source that is easily available for creating red shades.

For wet colours, you can use carrot or beetroot juices.

Black jamun for Purple

For wet colour, black jamun flesh can be used by making a fine paste out of it.

Jacaranda for Blue

Throw a bucket of sea water and that should helpJIf it doesn?t, pluck some Jacaranda flowers and dry it in the shade powder it to obtain a beautiful blue shade.

Amla for black

Boil dried fruits of Amla / Indian Gooseberry in an iron vessel and leave overnight. Dilute with water and use. Extract juice of black grapes and dilute with sufficient quantity of water to remove stickiness.

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