Pomogranate – Nature’s Gift to Mankind.

Often called Nature’s Power Fruit because of its multiple benefits, pomegranates are a rich source of antioxidants. It helps protect your body’s cells from free radicals, which cause premature aging. This fruit can enhance quality of life and delay ageing. A symbol of fertility in many cultures, pomegranate also nurtures the reproductive tissue. There are numerous other virtues that the fruit and its tree can boast of! In Hindi they say, “Ek Anaar Sau Bimaar.” meaning this one fruit cures hundred diseases.

Women are advised to have pomegranate juice regularly since it keeps anaemia at bay. Anaemia occurs due to the deficiency of red blood cells. The iron present in the fruit reduces this deficiency. Also, the seeds prevent your blood platelets from coagulating and forming clots.

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