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Explore: Goji berry

The Goji berry is a deep-red, dried fruit about the same size as a raisin. It?s very sweet and tastes something like a cross between a cranberry and a cherry. Goji Berries are reported to contain 18 Amino acids (six … Continue reading

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What is organic milk

Milk… The very thought of which evokes notion of whiteness, purity and health is probably one of the most highly adulterated product in the modern food market. Almost daily, we have customers enquiring about pure & organic milk. Most of … Continue reading

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How genetic engineering works and why it is not an extension of natural breeding

The discovery in the mid-1970s that scientists could transfer genes from the DNA of one species into that of another was heralded as a major scientific breakthrough. Plants, animals and other organisms could now become equipped with genes they could … Continue reading

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