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Dhanyam product showcase: Organic India herbal supplements

Organic herbal supplements and herbal medicines have been used for centuries in order to promote general wellbeing and improved health and ORGANIC INDIA offers a fantastic choice of organic supplements, health remedies and herbal medicines which have been painstakingly researched … Continue reading

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Dhanyam recipe of the month: Thinai Adai

Millets have long been treated as the poor cousins of rice, despite their high nutritional value. Thanks to the recent spreading awareness of small grains, they are gaining more importance for the simple fact their nutritive value are becoming evident.There … Continue reading

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Do it yourself: Easy tomato soup

Who wouldn’t want a piping hot bowl of soup on a chilly day? Now get ready to prepare a cup of delicious tomato soup, which is simple, not oily and satisfying. Ingredients: ? 4 Ripe Tomatoes ? Salt to taste … Continue reading

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Do it yourself: How to make herbal tea

Why not make a change from your usual cup of store-bought coffee or tea and try your own herbal tea? People have used herbal teas for centuries, first for medicinal use, and later for enjoyment as tasty and refreshing beverages. … Continue reading

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Know your herbs: Pirandai (Cissus quadrangularis)

The jointed winged stemmed vine is a good source of Vitamin C and calcium. According to Ayurveda and Siddha medicines, it is good for the bones and heals fractures faster. Research has shown that the healing time is reduced my … Continue reading

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Know your herbs: Vallarai keerai

This runner, known as Gotu-kola in most part of the South East Asian countries, has long been known to enhance memory. Since it also has a stimulant activity on central nervous system it is best avoided by epileptic patients. It … Continue reading

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