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Red, green and purple – Snack on them the whole week!

Guess what is the latest entry to Dhanyam this March? Grapes! Delicious and juicy organic grapes – What else you need to snack on, especially when summer is here already? Needless to say Vineyards are generally sprayed by multiple pesticides … Continue reading

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Jolly Holi with natural colours

If you are looking for ways to protect your skin from the coloured chemicals this holi season, here are some tips for you. How to make your own colours from natural sources: Mehendi for Green You can get lovely shades … Continue reading

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Asked upon where does potato come from, “why from pringles ofcourse” came the curt reply from my 6-year-old cousin. I am wondering now how many fruits and grains and nuts and what not I have eaten without even knowing how … Continue reading

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